Why I started this section?

I am a developer. I write cold, only logical code to better others’ lives.

Or so I thought.

After spending some time back home and talking to a few people I knew for decades, it struck me that before I am a developer, I must human first. Pretty obvious statement, but once immersed in the ocean of programming, sometimes I forget that.

So I want to start this section on my main blog. A section where I am just a man, talking about things that are more tangible to everyone. I want to write down things I see, feel, and think about.

In the past I have done this on a weekly basis, a practice I inherited for the technical blog posts. However, this time I want to take my time with this. I might post many blogs in a span of days, or just one over months. In the meantime, I will still keep my weekly schedule of technical posts as before; that is not going anywhere.

I will be going on a road trip for a bit over a week soon. Expect to have a few epiphanies during that. Stay tuned.

Hope you enjoy, and have a nice day.

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