I am back

Has been a while hasn’t it? You must been thinking I was quitting the podcast and the blog completely, especially now that I have “real job”(to be honest I did hear it from some friends). But I have been thinking about this and I feel like it is the time to come back.

Where have I been?

If you have been following me on Twitter, you would probably are already fairly up to date with my life. If not, here’s a quick recap. I started my new job as a full-time software engineer at Google London last September, and it has been the major focus of my life for the last few months.

Shot over King Cross Station from Google UK Shot over King Cross Station from Google UK

It was quite challenging during the first 3 months, even with all the experience I had as an intern. We had a tight deadline for the first project, and I eventually made it by 2 days. After that I had a couple more projects to work on and now work has steadied up a bit. If you want me to discuss more about my work, either as a blog post or episode, please let me know!

Apart from that, I have been continuously working on TryLinks, albeit in a smaller capacity. We were extremely to be accepted by the ProWeb conference, and I recently went to Italy to give a talk.

Me giving the TryLinks talk in Italy Me giving the TryLinks talk in Italy

TryLinks was originally just my final project, but it has lived on much longer than I expected. Even better, it is still being worked on to add more and more features. Therefore, I am taking on a side project for TryLinks in the coming weeks!

Upcoming plans


Since I am taking on the TryLinks side project, it would be a perfect opportunity to do another series for the blog. I am still ironing out the detail, but the project should be kicking off around late April. In terms of the blog, I want to commit to a 2-posts-per-week schedule, so that I won’t slack off.

As for non-technical topics, my old backlog has been a bit dated, and I don’t think I can produce quality content on them. Also, I am thinking about moving the non-technical topics to the podcast, since it would be better to have discussions on them. Bottom line is, I am holding off non-technical blog posts for now. If you think there’s a topic you want see, feel free to let me know.


I started the Compile Podcast last summer, partially because I listen to a lot of podcasts myself and really wanted to try it, and secondly it would be great as another platform for content. So far we only have a couple of episodes and I have not scheduled any new recordings. But this year I do want to keep doing it, and meet more and more people!

My recording setup My recording setup

In terms of plans, I do have still a few recordings in mind. Also, the topic backlog is still long enough for cover most of the year. One thing that I am looking for is a regular co-host. If you are interested, please let me know!!

Where to look for from now on?

So where can you follow up with my content? The easiest way is to follow me on Twitter!

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