This site is largely inspired by John Sonmez( Originally this blog was mostly about my own life as a software engineer, but upon reading some of his posts, I feel like it should actually be a technical blog. Hence the restart.

Allow me to elaborate further. From now on, all the posts on this site will be programmer-practice-orientated. The idea is “giving practical advice and help for other programmer”. For a long time I have this wrong mentality that, especially at work, I would view other colleagues as competitors, in other sense I must outperform them in order to keep my job. This year when I started my second internship at Google, I realized the work of software engineering benefits tremendously from community and collaboration. That’s part of the reason why I want to start this series of blogs.

So what should you expect from this blog? In short, I am trying to give very practical help to you guys, if you are a programmer or trying to be. Please understand that I am an apprentice on this path as well, and some of my posts may not be able to help you as much. But I still want to give my very best try. In terms of actual content, they can be some easy-to-setup developer tools that I have used and find effective, or some tricks when applying some specific technology, or even just some thought rooting from my experience in the industry.

Also I want to set an early schedule and stick to it. For now I am uploading a new post every week, usually at weekends. If the response turns out to be great, or I simply have so many stuff to share with you guys, I will add more posts each week. But let’s start with something more realistic and manageable.

At last I want to have a few words about interactions with you. All comments, re-post, or sharing on other digital media are welcome, and I would be really grateful that this site turns out to be a place for discussion. If I am wrong in anywhere in a post, which I often am, please feel free to point it out, and I will correct them asap. Of course I will try my best very best to provide factually correct and valuable contents consistently, but sometimes I would trip up, and it would be awesome if you can help me with that.

That will be it for this kickstart post. Next Saturday we will have our first post, so stay tuned, and I hope my posts can be helpful to you!

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