What's next?

I must preface this post with a sincere apology. I have been quite busy with my final year project and exams, which partially stopped my from updating the blog. The other reason is that I have felt a wane of motivation of writing, both from the extensive writing for dissertation, and the lack of material to lay out.

Fortunately, both the project and the exams have concluded, so I have decided to return to writing just for fun. At the moment I am still indecisive on what technical topic to discuss, but hopefully it would be settled next week. For the moment, I think it best to write something about my life, the future of this blog, and some thoughts that I have recently.

What’s next for me?

In the present, I am in quite an interesting spot: not quite a student anymore, but not a professional either. Before starting my new job in September, I have blocked out a summer for myself to relax, and get ready for the work.

If you recall in my New Year Resolutions, I mentioned that 2018 is the year that I shall finally kick off my reading. So far I have read 2 fictions, and in the process of another non-technical book. If you have not read the Sherlock Holmes series, I strongly recommend giving it a shot. The writing is easy to follow, and the stories are a great escape from the dull daily routines.

In summer I plan to further my goal, and finish the book I am reading right now, and possibly read one more. In the meantime, I have also a few technical side projects to play with, and you will see them in future posts.

Random thoughts

During the verge of finishing another stage of life, I have had some interesting conversations with my contemporaries, about the future and each other’s plan. I want to devote a few words on the topic. the names of individual are removed for privacy naturally.

It is extremely fortunate for me to have a job secured before my departure from uni, and the next 3 to 5 years quite planned out. However, I have witnessed so many good friends struggle to find a direction to proceed. Should we further our expertise in a grad school, make ourselves practically valuable in the industry, or seek other more fascinating opportunities in the world? The options are quite literally infinite.

In my head, I have always had a ultimate life goal: be a problem solver. In earlier years I took pleasure in intellectually fighting with problems, be it one form or the other. As time passes, I have grown to realize that practical problems require more than genius to solve. I must adapt to solve them, which is what I then did.

My point is rather than trying to find one’s purpose along the way, it is better to realise the purpose within oneself, and the way should present itself. Try asking yourself: what is my purpose? What gives me the most pleasure? What motivates me? Having these fundamental questions figured out may be a better way to deciding the next steps to take.

Unfortunately, life is hard, more often than we like. You might find many obstacles, some of which are completely out of your hands. Work can sometimes be sufferingly hard, at times it seems like you are left out and alone, failures can come seemingly inevitably.

I would be a liar if I claim that these have never happened to me, or that I don’t feel desperate, or even despair at times. There are many times that I want to give up too, and sometimes I do give up. I was fortunate enough to be able to make it through most of the times though, not only by my will, but also some help.

Since I become quite independent, I have always had an “anchor” in my head, something that drives me to keep going. An encouraging snippet of words, a formidable rival, someone that I hold dear. The specific object has changed many times throughout the years, but the function keeps the same. They are a reminder to me, that I must not stop because of frustration, or stagnate because of boredom.

Another thing that I have only found out recently is that I don’t have be alone through these hardships. In childhood, most of us were taught that seeking help can be a sign of weakness, and we grow up to hold out problems to ourselves in fear of judgement. In the last few years I have finally come to realise that everyone has their problem, and it is ok to tell someone that I am going through something hard, and I need someone to talk to.

Most of the times the listeners are not able to give any practical help to the situation, but amazingly I have found that I can reach a solution much quicker, and less painful, with support from others. If you are experiencing hardship, I recommend to discuss it with someone you trust. It is certainly better than suffering in solitude.

Closing words

I want to thank again, for your continuous support for the blog. I am the one writing, but the inspiration comes from those of you who took an interest in me and the blog.

Have a nice week, and I shall see you soon.

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