Compile Podcast Ep 9: Workout and Productivity

This week my friend Yuekun and I talk about working out and how it impacts your productivity!


  • 00:00 A little foreword
  • 01:00 Podcast Intro
  • 02:25 What happens when you don’t work out
    • 02:54 Prone to chronical injuries
    • 04:03 Mental stress from getting stuck at work
    • 05:16 Lack of discipline and confidence
  • 07:25 “Does working out make you more tired actually?”
  • 09:19 Benefits to productivity from working out
    • 09:53 It is important to spend some time away from work
    • 10:08 Science of health benefits
    • 11:37 Nick’s personal journey of working out
    • 13:29 Benefits to developers
    • 18:32 Discovering hidden points
    • 21:35 Cultivate a healthy respect to time management and building habits
  • 27:54 What time of day would be the best for workout if you have live a 9-5 life?
  • 37:56 Wrapping up

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