Compile Podcast Ep 8: Anxiety -- How to deal with it?

In this week’s episode Jasper and I talk about our experiences with anxiety, and tips about dealing with it mentally and practically!


  • 00:25 Chill zone
  • 07:20 Mindset towards stress and anxiety
    • 08:55 “Everyone has it”
    • 11:35 Acknowledge your anxiety
    • 14:44 Find out the root of stress
    • 21:30 “It’s not the end of the world”
    • 23:00 “Don’t suffer twice”
    • 24:25 “You will not remember what you were worried about last week”
  • 28:40 Practical tips to deal with anxiety
    • 28:58 Breathing exercise
    • 33:40 Find distraction and keep busy
    • 38:05 Talk about your anxiety
    • 41:15 Don’t be afraid to seek help
    • 42:25 “Running away is shameful, but useful” (use with caution)
  • 45:45 “Compile” time
  • 46:34 Personal favourite

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