Compile Podcast Ep 4: Impostor Syndrome

Hello everyone! This is a brand new podcast for you!

In this shorter episode, we talk about Impostor Syndrome with a great guest. We discuss each other’s story and give some tips on dealing with Impostor Syndrome.


00:00 Intro. 03:12 Speed Round with Alex. 16:51 Main topic: Impostor Syndrome. 18:33 Zack talks about his battle with Impostor Syndrome during uni and work. 27:51 Zack talks about how to view Impostor Syndrome as a positive. 31:55 Nick talks about psychological safety, and using it to deal with Impostor Syndrome. 40:00 Getting support from others. 45:41 “Compile down to essentials”. 51:12 Pick and Plug.

———————————————————— Links in this episode:

My blog post about Impostor Syndrome:

Harvard CS50 online course:

Contexts Mac App:

A Philosophy of Software Design:

The Man in the High Castle:


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