Compile Podcast Ep 3: First Dev Job: Tips and stories

Hello everyone! This is a brand new podcast for you!

In this episode, we have a great school mate Alex joining us to talk about First Dev Job: how we got our first job, tips on job hunting, interviews, and more!


00:00 Intro. 02:12 Speed Round with Alex. 19:04 Main topic: First Dev Job. 19:26 Alex talks about his journey of getting his first job. 26:55 Nick talks about how he got his first job. 31:00 General tips on job hunting. 38:44 CV tips. 46:44Interview tips. 01:08:19 “Compile down to essentials”. 1:11:58 Pick and Plug.

———————————————————— Links in this episode:

MIT open course on Algorithm and data structure:


Crack the Coding Interview book:


Hiring without whiteboards:

Pink of the week: Coding Tech YouTube Channel: ————————————————————

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