Compile Podcast Ep 2: When to quit a project

Hello everyone! This is a brand new podcast for you!

In this episode, we have another great friend John joining us to talk about when you should quit a project: why you might want to consider quitting, how to deal with the guilt, what you can do to make the quitting easier, and more!


00:00 Intro. 00:36 Introduce guest: John. 05:07 Speed Round with John. 16:10 Main topic: When to quit a project. 17:21 John and Nick discuss a typical situation to quit a project. 19:30 John explains “Sunk Cost Fallacy”, and how to weigh different options when you are at a crossroad with your project. 24:50 Guilt of quitting a project. 31:27 How to deal with the guilt? 37:00 Quitting as part of time/energy management. 42:25 “Compile down to essentials”. 45:28 Pick and Plug.

Bare with me with the rubbish audio, not really good with editing yet. Also if you find the audio funny from time to time, that’s probably because we had a few disconnects during recording, and some of the bits are re-rendered in post.

Next week we will have a new guest with a new topic! So subscribe and stay tuned!

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