Compile Podcast Ep 1: Side projects

Hello everyone! This is a brand new podcast for you!

In our premier episode, we have a great guest Brennan joining us to talk about side projects: why you might want to do a side project, how to get started, and how to deal with getting stuck, and more!

Brennan’s LinkedIn:


00:00 Intro. 00:43 Introduce guest: Brennan. 02:47 Speed Round with Brennan. 12:24 Main topic: side projects. 12:48 Brennan and Nick talk about one of their own side projects. 19:30 Why side projects are good for you? 30:25 How to deal with loss of motivation, and getting un-stuck? 39:25 How/where to get started? 46:10 “Compile down to essentials”. 52:09 Pick and Plug.

Bare with me with the rubbish audio, not really good with editing yet. Also terrible sense of humor of my side, sorry Brennan!

Next week we will have a new guest with a new topic! So subscribe and stay tuned!

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